Sunday, 9 February 2014

Luna Noctem

His soul swooned as he fell from the sun as the moon coppered his red, refined face in its dusky midnight darkness. In a moment of impassioned foreboding, he glanced up, fixedly, and he saw birds soar in unison with the chattered flutters that birds always wish to impart those who behold them.

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

From the Hymn of Empedocles

by Matthew Arnold

Is it so small a thing
To have enjoy'd the sun,
To have lived light in the spring,
To have loved, to have thought, to have done;
To have advanced true friends, and beat down baffling foes; 5

That we must feign a bliss
Of doubtful future date,
And while we dream on this
Lose all our present state,
And relegate to worlds yet distant our repose? 10

Not much, I know, you prize
What pleasures may be had,
Who look on life with eyes
Estranged, like mine, and sad:
And yet the village churl feels the truth more than you; 15

Who 's loth to leave this life
Which to him little yields:
His hard-task'd sunburnt wife,
His often-labour'd fields;
The boors with whom he talk'd, the country spots he knew. 20

But thou, because thou hear'st
Men scoff at Heaven and Fate;
Because the gods thou fear'st
Fail to make blest thy state,
Tremblest, and wilt not dare to trust the joys there are. 25

I say, Fear not! life still
Leaves human effort scope.
But, since life teems with ill,
Nurse no extravagant hope.
Because thou must not dream, thou need'st not then despair 30

Friday, 27 December 2013

Winter Night

As the cold winter night looms
As light flickers and dims
Hearts are flourishing abloom
Prithee romancing begins

Thursday, 5 December 2013

A Poeta

I know thee loveth not me
Nor desire nought's nigh
Erewhile hearts weep
As romances forby

Canst thou speaketh for love
Since whence art thine?
Art thy roses hast bloom,
Like a poet's entwine?

Canst my tears be thy rue
As longings amiss
Whosoever seek love's true
Read chapter's kiss

So mention not thee
For romance's dismiss
Love's song shall play
An untimely unkiss

Give thy love
And free this heart
My words art yours
For dreams impart

For we art the poets
Whose souls on paper bleedeth
Stand not as genteel heroics
For lest your soul one's seeketh

I prithee, leave not me
But if thou do so blue
Hither I as thee
Lest I be you
But the kisses are dew
And her heart is thine
The blossoms are only beau
When Love’s lips entwine

Thursday, 14 November 2013

The Death Of A Loved One

He exhumed her tears and percussed the paper with an almighty billowing patter. She acknowledged that her husband was now but a reverie in the impasse called death. With a frightful glee, she stood up and fixed her eyes on the portrait that stood aloft with its glistening nostalgia and pretty frame. She let the paper descend and lapse to the floor like a whimper and hurried over to the mantelpiece with a firm bite of her lower lip -allowing humility to ensnare her. With a quavering flounder, she picked up the picture and leered at it, trying to make sense of its disconsolation. With a woven woe, her eyes jittered as she stared at the man walking through the forest with his weary boots, his checkered and beloved fleece with  its markers of history, and his blue and rather coarse (and always durable) dungarees. As she continued to stare, she started to scowl and her grimace took firm presence over the event. "Closed eyes, heart not beating, but a living love" she repeated to herself.

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

The End of Love

Of this new love that thy eschew
Watching dreams in beauties beau,
Just like the stars sparkle in lieu
So art the wants of thine purview

Marry thy love and let ardour allure
What's besides for less for dreams and more?

Felo-de-se and forever deceased
Lost eternal thou cheeks cerated cerise

Two lovers unbound always bygone
Unable to sing an untimely love song

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Winter Willows

Capture a star and beauties become
The moon mellows as loveth succumb
For the wonders weep as the winter willows
For the summers keep until beauties billow

The weary weeps as the weddings wade
For art thee in heaven where stories art made?
She whispers love's wish doth seeketh bliss
As her kisses capture longings amiss

Monday, 21 October 2013

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Autumn's Writhing

So spake it benighted and call it sad
For thy dulcet dreams man never had
With dreams ephemeral and longings eternal
What pain doth bring if spring's art vernal?
Longing for the river in love's wishing rove
Dancing light shimmers abreast a kissing clove
Happiness shan't part nor need feign
Prithee thy heart heft; bereft of pain
For the kisses in dew and her heart is thine
The blossoms are beau when our lips entwine

Wednesday, 28 August 2013


Exalt the man if thou give you light
Exclude the stars if thou feign thee night

For doth these whispers kiss thou stars
Alas the dreams whence yours now ours

Give thy love and free this heart
My words art yours for dreams impart

Elevated worship and too exalted amiss
My soul seethed aflame for one's sweet kiss

Sunday, 4 August 2013

The opposition to same-sex "gay" marriage

With the legislation of same-sex marriage in England and Wales receiving royal assent last month, many of us progressive-minded Britons have been given a beacon of hope and a lot to be happy for. The bill permits gay couples to get married in both civil and religious ceremonies in England and Wales. It also will allow couples who had previously entered into a civil partnership to convert their relationship to a marriage.
With the introduction of the iniquitous Matrimonial Causes Act of 1973; which declared that a marriage is void if the parties are not respectively male and female, many ethical and progressive-minded advocates have had a long and tireless journey in their attempts to repeal many of the Abrahamic archetypes which has perforated the partisan ideologues of British political life. With France also legislating same-sex marriage this year, it would appear that the West is growing ever more tolerable of the LGBT community. England and Wales now stands proudly beside the likes of Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Iceland, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, South Africa, Sweden, Uruguay and New Zealand.
When news broke on the BBC that the bill had received royal assent after having passed both the upper and lower houses of Parliament, I rejoiced with my loved ones over the fact that I would now allow myself the privilege of marriage one day after having pledged never to do so until same-sex marriage was introduced into the country. I succumbed to an overwhelming sentimentality from the direction that the country seemingly appears to be perusing in its typical British stumble-like manner. Many of the campaigners fought fiercely against many abhorrent "conservatives" and religious pressures groups with their inexplicable and sometimes seditious and almost always non-charming, graceless arguments. One of the largest campaign groups that attempted to subvert numerous Tory politicians whilst doing all they could to throw every spanner in hope of a schism, was the paradoxically-named 'Coalition For Marriage', with their rather churlish spokesperson 'Sharon James'. The rather capricious campaigner cited a whole cartel of factors why she felt that the Government were holding the public "in contempt"- ranging from the fact that the policy is neither featured in any of the main political parties' manifestos; the (seemingly) inarguable fact that marriage is the "foundational building-block of society since the beginning of recorded history...and marriage going right back to the beginning of society".
While it's true that the institution of marriage may indeed pre-date recorded history, many of such marriages were polygamous and polyandrous. James, clearly, is also a little ignorant about the history of marriage in Europe. When the Christian religion began it's rather virulent exposé of the European pagan religions (and its attempts to displace them therein) approximately 30 to 325 CE, marriage was thought of as primarily a private matter, without the need of religious ceremony required. However, the sanctimonious bishop Ignatius of Antioch was one of the first pious leaders to alternate this custom. He exhorts in 100 CE: "It becomes both men and women who marry, to form their union with the approval of the bishop, that their marriage may be according to God, and not after their own lust." To clarify, this proceeded Jesus and the formation of Christendom. Furthermore, it wasn't until the 12th century that women were obligated to take the name of their husbands. Interestingly (and rather distastefully) it wasn't until the second half of the 16th century that parental consent along with the church's consent was required for marriage. Clearly, 'The Coalition for Marriage' forgot to do their homework. Although, it wouldn't surprise me if they already knew this and a biased, imaginative representation of western history that's befitting of their petty prejudices was preferred.
The Bible is imbued with many passages on marriage whilst reminding us how happy God is when "they are no longer two, but one". Progressive advocates of same-sex marriage have heard many tenuous arguments why marriage should be held in sanctity between one man and one woman (although the bible, coincidentally, seems to hold polygamy in a rather affable light; as seen in Genesis 4:19. Genesis 16:1-4, Genesis 25:6, Genesis 26:34, Genesis 31:17, Exodus 21:10, Deuteronomy 21:15, Judges 8:30, 1 Samuel 1:1-2, 2 Samuel 12:7-8, 1 Kings 11:2-3, 1 Chronicles 4:5, 2 Chronicles 11:21, 2 Chronicles 13:21, 2 Chronicles 24:3 and Mt.25:1). Fortunately, many well-minded humanistic Christians who favour same-sex marriage legislation have cited the fact that Jesus never mentions anything directly about Gay-marriage at all. Indeed they are right. What's more, being a secularist and advocate of a separation of church and state, I am irked at the arguments that many religious conservatives exhort when they start reciting passages from the bible as a logically fallacious argument from authority. Thomas Jefferson was wonderfully unerring when he stated:

“Religious institutions that use government power in support of themselves and force their views on persons of other faiths, or of no faith, undermine all our civil rights. Moreover, state support of an established religion tends to make the clergy unresponsive to their own people, and leads to corruption within religion itself. Erecting the 'wall of separation between church and state,' therefore, is absolutely essential in a free society.”

Same-sex marriage arises from a strong moral argument of equality - a moral that is at odds with many of the powerful religious organisations that exist today. I would be doing a disservice to the wonders of western ethics if I failed to include other moral legislations that have passed the British Parliamentary system that are completely at odds with the doctrines of the "divine" religions: Anti-homophobia, gender-equality, Slavery Abolition Act 1833, and many others.

If anybody wishes to convince others and indeed me why same-sex marriage is wrong, they need to recognise the arguments made for secularism. What is more, they need to have an accurate passage of history, wherein recognising the fact that many of the conservative arguments for marriage are indeed disparaging and rather immoral to them and both us alike.

I do not believe that the ideal future is a return to the past. What makes kind humans so unique is our perpetual strive against suffering and our unique idealism. We must proliferate this stipulated frame-of-mind from the individual to the group whilst recognising that until human ideals of equality are acquired, progressivism is indeed the only way forward for humanity.

Tuesday, 30 July 2013


Benighted whispers and spurning dreams
Forthwith in blisters and burning streams
Shameful saunters in billowing blight
Hereto haunters with pillowing plight

Weep and wither betwixt a bawling bloom
Seep shall deliver amidst a falling fume
Expel and deliver for the morning's bright
Swell and shiver for the swarming's night

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

I Wander For You

Ensue the view of morning dew
In beauties beau that cries for you
The sprinkled sprew cries in two 
As the morning dew lies for you

Blossoms blow in nightly kiss, 
loving's glow when hearts we miss, 
For art thou love and art thou thine?
She is but love and therein mine

Caressing cue in sky-lit blue 
In eternal dreams I long for you 
Dancing dew's red poured petal
Glancing pew as pollens soared settle

We kiss and caress in a suffused glow 
Our love will fluoresce with the infused blow
Beauty weeps but it shall grow;
Ask the heart for thou shalt know

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Hate of Love

The billowing wind fluttered his coat as he now stood, availed, with his snooty head ablaze in a sweaty plash from the evening sun. As he broadcast and brandished passages from the bible to weary and wandering bystanders and passers-by, standing all the while proud of his engagement, he glanced at a young mother who was carrying an infant at her hands - seemingly consoling him from the loud raucous echoes of the nearby speaker, and bellowed befouling sentiments and suggestions for her apparent lack of sacrilege for the "lord almighty, Jesus". Submissively looking up in a slowly irreproachable way to avoid attention onto herself, she peered at the ensuing speaker and shrieked at the encroaching commotion and the large crowd around him that now turned their attentions towards her in hefty haughtiness. Clasping her child tightly whilst slowly walking away with the gravest fear of reproaching the preacher, she bowed her head and abdicated the crowd, or rather, she tried to, until the unduly and unbecoming preacher swiftly leaped off his makeshift pulpit and apprehended the woman by the arm whilst the crowd and passers-by continued in their motion. "Do you love Jesus?" exclaimed the preacher, gaining a crude thrill from the shocked visage of the threatened woman. "I said: do you love Jesus?" he repeated. The woman, clearly threatened and aghast from the intimidating grip of the preacher, responded in a much timed whisper: "". "No?!" the preacher screamed as he continued whilst his arms squirmed aflutter in the air; "did you hear that?! God is my witness and so are these people! Art thou not a fornicator in the eyes of God for forsaking our almighty lord? Art thou not a sinner for clearly being out of wedlock and bringing this child into the world? Is your baby not a product of sin and reprehensible disgust?” Relieved that the religious man had now relinquished his firm grip, the lady recoiled her arm and tightly comforted her child, whereupon whose cries had increased intensely. The child's tears sprinkled over his cute, blue layette which had a beautiful embroidered image of a train and puffy white clouds converging from the steam pipe, and wonderfully adorable, little gloves that kept his hands warm and protected against the evening zephyr. As the lady peered back up to the preacher, who's stares had now increased in a certain cavalier contempt whilst also evincing a gesture that affixed itself into a pointing motion, she calmly and nonchalantly gazed the nearby crowds who had all resorted to a repetitious concord of tutting and head shaking. Feeling somewhat guilty, abashed and deeply ashamed, she consoled herself in her child's eyes of whom she peered deeply and therein she found the celestial love of eternity gleaming back to her whilst the heavens winked in almost perfect melody to her heart. "Love is a given, hatred is acquired" she told herself, and she looked up once again and left with the greatest of smiles that stunned the crowd as they stood, aloof and brazen, with the love of hate that disguised their hate of love.